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Oracle GlassFish Server Reference Manual
Release 3.1.2

Part Number E24938-01
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removes one or more options for the Java application launcher


delete-jvm-options [--help] [--target target] [--profiler={true|false}] 
(jvm-option-name[=jvm-option-value]) [:jvm-option-name[=jvm-option-name]]*


The delete-jvm-options subcommand removes one or more command-line options for the Java application launcher. These options are removed from the Java configuration java—config element or the profiler profiler element of the domain.xml file. To see the Java application launcher options that can be deleted, use the list-jvm-options(1) subcommand.

The deletion of some options requires a server restart for changes to become effective. Other options are set immediately in the environment of the domain administration server (DAS) and do not require a restart.

Whether a restart is required depends on the type of option.

To restart the DAS, use the restart-domain(1) command.

This subcommand is supported in remote mode only.



Displays the help text for the subcommand.


Specifies the target from which you are removing Java application launcher options.

Valid values are as follows:


Specifies the DAS (default).


Specifies a GlassFish Server instance.


Specifies a cluster.


Specifies a named configuration.


Indicates whether the Java application launcher options are for the profiler. The option must have been set for a profiler for this option to be true.



One or more options delimited by a colon (:). The format of the operand depends on the following:

  • If the option has a name and a value, the format is option-name=value.

  • If the option has only a name, the format is option-name. For example, -Xmx2048m.


If an option name or option value contains a colon, the backslash (\) must be used to escape the colon in the name or value. Other characters might also require an escape character. For more information about escape characters in subcommand options, see the asadmin(1M) man page.


Example 1   Deleting Java Application Launcher Options

This example removes multiple Java application launcher options.

asadmin> delete-jvm-options -Doption1=value1
Command delete-jvm-options executed successfully
Example 2   Deleting a Java Application Launcher Option From the Profiler

This example removes a Java application launcher startup parameter for the profiler.

asadmin> delete-jvm-options --profiler=true -XX:MaxPermSize=192m
Command delete-jvm-options executed successfully.

Exit Status


subcommand executed successfully


error in executing the subcommand

See Also

create-jvm-options(1), list-jvm-options(1), restart-domain(1)


For more information about the Java application launcher, see the reference page for the operating system that you are using: