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Oracle GlassFish Server Reference Manual
Release 3.1.2

Part Number E24938-01
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restarts a running GlassFish Server instance


restart-instance [--help] 
[--debug={false|true}] instance-name


The restart-instance subcommand restarts a running GlassFish Server instance. This subcommand requires secure shell (SSH) to be configured on the machine where the domain administration server (DAS) is running and on the machine where the instance resides.


SSH is not required if the instance resides on a node of type CONFIG that represents the local host. A node of type CONFIG is not enabled for communication over SSH.

You may run this subcommand from any machine that can contact the DAS.

The subcommand can restart any GlassFish Server instance, regardless of how the instance was created. For example, this subcommand can restart an instance that was created by using the create-local-instance(1) subcommand.

When this subcommand restarts an instance, the DAS synchronizes the instance with changes since the last synchronization as follows:

If different synchronization behavior is required, the instance must be stopped and restarted by using following sequence of subcommands:

  1. stop-instance(1)

  2. start-instance(1)

This subcommand is supported in remote mode only.



Displays the help text for the subcommand.


Specifies whether the instance is restarted with Java Platform Debugger Architecture (JPDA) debugging enabled.

Possible values are as follows:


The instance is restarted with JPDA debugging enabled and the port number for JPDA debugging is displayed.


The instance is restarted with JPDA debugging disabled.

The default is the current setting of this option for the instance that is being restarted.



The name of the GlassFish Server instance to restart. If the instance is not running, the subcommand displays a warning message and attempts to start the instance.


Example 1   Restarting a GlassFish Server Instance

This example restarts the GlassFish Server instance pmdsa1.

asadmin> restart-instance pmdsa1
Instance pmdsa1 was restarted. 

Command restart-instance executed successfully.

Exit Status


command executed successfully


error in executing the command

See Also

create-instance(1), create-local-instance(1), delete-instance(1), delete-local-instance(1), restart-local-instance(1), setup-ssh(1), start-instance(1), start-local-instance(1), stop-instance(1), stop-local-instance(1)


Java Platform Debugger Architecture (JPDA) (