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Introduction to CICS Runtime

Introduction to the CICS Runtime Environment


How This Book Is Organized

Overview of the CICS Runtime

General Architecture

The CICS Runtime Library

The CICS Runtime Tuxedo Servers

Mandatory Servers

Optional Servers

Server Configuration

The CICS Runtime Resource Configuration Files

Initial Configuration of the CICS Runtime

CICS Runtime Configuration

The UNIX ~/.profile File

The Tuxedo System Files

The Tuxedo Envfile File

The Tuxedo ubbconfig File

The Mandatory Server Groups

The Optional Server Groups

The CICS Runtime Resource Configuration Files

The Mandatory Populated Files

The Optional Initially Populated Files

Verifying the Initial Setting Configuration

Using the Tuxedo tmadmin psr Commands

Using the Tuxedo tmadmin psc Commands

Using the CSGM CICS Good Morning Transaction

Implementing CICS Applications

Presentation of the z/OS Simple Application


Description of the CICS Simple Application Components



Transactions Codes


Configuring a Standard CICS Application With CICS Runtime

CICS Simple File-to-Oracle Application UNIX Components

CICS Runtime Configuration

Declaring CICS Resources to the CICS Runtime

Declaring CICS Transactions Codes

Declaring a CICS COBOL Program

Declaring CICS Mapsets

Declaring ISAM Files Resulting From a z/OS VSAM File Conversion

Modifying the CICS Runtime Tuxedo Servers

Modifying the CICS Runtime Tuxedo Servers Groups

Verifying the CICS Application Installation

Using the Tuxedo tmadmin psr Commands

Using the Tuxedo tmadmin psc Commands

Using the CICS Runtime Application

Presentation of Simple Application on COBOL-IT / BDB

Configuring ubbconfig File in CICS Runtime

Building BDB TMS Server

Exporting Variables Before Booting Up ART Servers

Implementing Synchronous CICS Transactions With a Limited Number of Parallel Instances

The Special Case of Transaction Classes With MAXACTIVE=1

Modification of the ubbconfig File for Sequential Transactions

Modifying the tranclasses.desc File

Modifying the transactions.desc File

Checking the ARTSTR1 Configuration

Using the Tuxedo tmadmin psr Commands

Using the Tuxedo tmadmin psc Commands

Implementing Asynchronous CICS Non-Delayed Transactions

Modifying the Tuxedo ubbconfig File to Manage Asynchronous Transactions

Using Parallel Asynchronous Transactions

Using Non-Parallel Asynchronous Transactions

Implementing Asynchronous CICS Delayed Transactions

Creating the Tuxedo /Q Features

Modifying the Tuxedo ubbconfig File to Manage the Tuxedo /Q Queue

Implementing CICS Application Using Temporary Storage (TS) Queues

Implementing Unrecoverable TS Queues

Implementing Recoverable TS Queues

To Use Recoverable TS Queues

Managing TD Queue Intrapartititions

Presentation of the Mechanism on Source Platform

Transient Data Control

Intrapartition Transient Data Queues

Automatic Transaction Initiation (ATI)

Presentation of the Mechanism on Target Platform

Tuxedo /Q

Architecture Design


Runtime CICS Configuration of TD Queue Intrapartition

CICS Runtime Resource Declaration

/Q Configuration for TD Queue Intrapartition in CICS Runtime

qopen Parameters

Implementing Distributed Program Link (DPL)

To Detect That DPL Is Needed

Modifying the Tuxedo ubbconfig File to Manage the DPL

Declaring Remote Programs in CICS Runtime

Implementing CICS Common Work Area (CWA)

To Replicate CICS ADDRESS CWA Functionality in CICS Runtime

Implementing a CICS Transaction Work Area (TWA)

Implementing CICS Transaction Trigger Monitor (ARTCKTI)

Work Flow

Command Configuration

CICS Runtime Logs

Tuxedo System Log

The CICS Runtime Server Logs

Disabling and Enabling Programs

Disabling Programs

Enabling Programs

Checking the Change in Program Status

Removing and Adding Applications for CICS Runtime


Cross Reference of .desc Configuration Files Used by CICS Runtime Servers

Oracle Tuxedo Application Runtime for CICS CSD Converter


Resource Definition Online (RDO) Mapping

UDB Linking

Installation Time UDB Linking

Rebuilding Servers for UDB

Rebuilding ART Servers for CICS

Rebuilding the ART CICS Servers

External CICS Interface (EXCI)


EXCI in Oracle Tuxedo Application Runtime

Supported EXCI Interface

Precompiler Controls

Access Authorization

ART-KIX Implementation

ART Restrictions

Common EXCI Interfaces ART Restrictions

EXCI CALL Interface ART Restrictions

EXCI EXEC Interface ART Restrictions


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