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Oracle Tuxedo JCA Adapter Users Guide


Installing the Oracle Tuxedo JCA Adapter

Using the Oracle Tuxedo JCA Adapter

Default Configuration

Default LocalAccessPoint

Dynamic RemoteAccessPoint (RAP) Insertion

Default SessionProfile

Default Session

Default Import

dmconfig Configuration

TuxedoConnector Root Element


Local Access Point

Remote Access Point

Session Profile




Resource Adapter Deployment Descriptor-Based Configuration

Resource Adapter Deployment Descriptor Properties

Resource-Related Properties

Local Access Point-Related Properties

RemoteAccessPoint-Related Properties

SessionProfile-Related Properties

Import-Related Property



Factory-Based Configuration

Properties In Resource Adapter Deployment Descriptor

Adapter-Wise Properties

Resource-Related Properties

Properties For Connection Factory

Adapter-Wise Properties Also Available In Factory

Connection Factory Name

Application Password

Local Access Point Related Properties

RemoteAccessPoint Related Properties

SessionProfile Related Properties

Import Related Property



How To Configure Factory-Based Configuration

WebLogic Server

WebSphere Server

Oracle Tuxedo JCA Adapter Deployment

Oracle JCA Adapter Deployment Tasks

Configuring Oracle Tuxedo JCA Adapter Deployment

TuxedoResourceAdapter Class

TuxedoClientSideResourceAdapter Class

TuxedoFBCResourceAdapter Class

Resource Adapter Deployment Descriptor Properties

Customizing Properties


Trace Level Support

Repackaging the Oracle Tuxedo JCA Adapter

Changing the Connector Connection Pool Size

Oracle Tuxedo JCA Adapter Management

Runtime Configuration Updating

Oracle Tuxedo JCA Adapter Fail Over Capability

Oracle Tuxedo JCA Adapter Security

Link-Level Encryption (LLE)

Secured Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption

Session Authentication

Appkey Generator

See Also

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