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Oracle TSAM Manager

This chapter contains the following sections:



The Oracle TSAM Manager is the data manipulation and representation component of Oracle TSAM. It is a J2EE application. The Oracle TSAM Manager provides the following functionality:

Communicates with the Oracle TSAM Agent for performance metrics, configuration information and other utility messages.

Provides a Web console for Oracle TSAM administration, monitored data presentation and alerts management.


Oracle TSAM Data Server

The Oracle TSAM Data Server is the communication interface to Oracle TSAM. It accepts requests from LMS and metrics query requests from web browser. For each LMS, the URL of the data server must be configured correctly. The format is as follows:

CLOPT="-A -- -l host:port/tsam"

Note: From an HTTP perspective, the Oracle TSAM Agent LMS is the HTTP client, and the Oracle TSAM Manager is the HTTP server. If a firewall is deployed between the Oracle TSAM Manager and Tuxedo applications, the firewall must allow the LMS to issue HTTP requests to the Oracle TSAM Manager.


Oracle TSAM Console

Oracle TSAM Console is the Web application which provides a GUI interface for administration and data presentation. For more information, see the Oracle TSAM Console Users Guide.


Application Server

The Oracle TSAM Manager runs in a Java application server. The supported Java application servers include Oracle WebLogic Server and Apache Tomcat.



Oracle TSAM uses a relational database to store the following information:

The Oracle TSAM Manager supports Oracle Database and Apache Derby. For more information, see the Oracle TSAM Deployment Guide.


Configuring Oracle TSAM Manager

Oracle TSAM Manager provides some global parameters for tuning purpose. They are available at the Management/Global Parameters page. Please refer the console guide for detail usage.


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