Product Overview

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Introducing Oracle Tuxedo

What is Oracle Tuxedo?

A Brief History of the Tuxedo System

Releases 1.0 Through 7.1

Release 8.0

Release 8.1

Release 9.0

Release 9.1

Release 10.0

Release 10g Release 3 (10.3)

Release 11g Release 1 (

Release 11g Release 1 (

Release 11g Release 1 (

Support for Industry Standards

Support for Popular Platforms

Support for Multiple Programming Models and Languages

Mission-Critical Software

Distributed Transaction Management

X/Open XA and TX Compliance

Transactions Documentation

Scalability and Performance

High Availability and Fault Management


Management Tools

Oracle Tuxedo Administration Console

Command-Line Interface

MIB Interface

Client and Server Components

Oracle Tuxedo Client Components

Oracle Tuxedo Server Components

Invocation Capabilities

Client-to-Server Invocation Capabilities

Server-to-Server Invocation Capabilities


Oracle Tuxedo Product Family

About Oracle ART

Oracle Art Runtime

Oracle ART Workbench

Oracle ART Documentation

About Oracle JCA

Oracle JCA Documentation

About Oracle Jolt

Oracle Jolt Documentation

About Oracle SALT

Oracle SALT Documentation

About Oracle SNMP Agent

Oracle SNMP Agent Documentation

About Oracle TSAM

Oracle TSAM Documentation

Oracle Tuxedo ATMI Core Components

Important Oracle Tuxedo Terms and Concepts

Oracle Tuxedo ATMI Overview

Oracle Tuxedo ATMI Architecture

Oracle Tuxedo Transaction Processor and Infrastructure

System Management Interface

ATMI Programming Interface

Request/Response Communications

Conversational Communications

ATMI Interface Documentation

FML Programming Interface

Typed Buffers

Oracle Tuxedo Workstation

Workstation Communication

Workstation Documentation

Oracle Tuxedo /Q

Storing and Retrieving Messages

/Q Documentation

Oracle Tuxedo EventBroker

Mediating Between Producers and Consumers of Events

EventBroker Documentation

Oracle Tuxedo Domains

Transparency Between Domains

Domains Documentation

Oracle Tuxedo CORBA Components

Oracle Tuxedo CORBA Overview

Oracle Tuxedo CORBA TP Framework

Oracle Tuxedo CORBA Architecture

Oracle Tuxedo OTM and Infrastructure

System Management Interface

Application Programming Interface

Application Programming Environment

Oracle Tuxedo ORB Software

Oracle Tuxedo IIOP Listener/Handler

IIOP Listener/Handler Communication

IIOP Listener/Handler Documentation

Oracle Tuxedo CORBA Environmental Objects

Oracle Tuxedo CORBA Object Services

Oracle Tuxedo TP Framework

Oracle Tuxedo Product Support and Resources

About the Oracle Tuxedo Documentation

Oracle Tuxedo Online Documentation

Oracle Tuxedo Context-Sensitive Help

Using the Oracle Tuxedo Online Documentation

Accessing the Documentation in a Browser

Site Map

PDF Document Files

Using the Online Search Feature

Learning Paths

Oracle Tuxedo Web-Accessible Services

What Does Web Accessible Mean?

Exposing Tuxedo Services as Web Services

Web Services Standards at a Glance

Exposing Tuxedo Services as Web Services Through Oracle SALT

SALT Gateway Server — GWWS

SALT Documentation

Exposing Tuxedo Services as Web Services Through Other Oracle Products

Through Oracle WebLogic Server

Through Oracle AquaLogic Service Bus

Ceasing Tuxedo Services Using a Web Application Server

Making Tuxedo Services Web Accessible Through Oracle Jolt

Jolt Class Library

Jolt Client Personalities

JSE Connectivity for Oracle Tuxedo

WebLogic Connectivity for Oracle Tuxedo

Jolt Servers

Jolt Documentation

Making Tuxedo Services Web Accessible Through Oracle WebLogic Server

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