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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Ops Center Administration Guide
12c Release 1 (

Part Number E25143-08
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1 Introduction to Administration

This document provides an explanation of the Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center administration features.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center includes a variety of administrative features that you can use to maintain and manage the software. You can use these functions to ensure that the software is working effectively and meeting the needs of your environment.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center is composed of an Enterprise Controller (or multiple Enterprise Controller nodes in a high availability environment), a product database, one or more Proxy Controllers, Agent Controllers that manage operating system assets, and the Knowledge Base. You can monitor, manage, and update this infrastructure to keep the software working.

You can configure Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center to create Auto Service Requests (ASRs) for qualified assets when certain incidents occur.

As part of administrating your environment, you can add and manage the users that are known to Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center, and control what jobs they can launch and what data they can see by giving them roles.

If necessary, you can also uninstall the different pieces of the Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center infrastructure.

The following topics are covered: