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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle Identity Manager
11g Release 2 (11.1.2)

Part Number E27149-04
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B Localizing Challenge Questions and Responses

The following default challenge questions are localized automatically in Oracle Identity Manager:

Localized default challenge questions are located in the file. Here, LANG is the locale code. Depending on the application server on which Oracle Identity Manager is deployed, the file is available in one of following locations:


The file is also available in the OIM_HOME/server/apps/oracle.iam.ui.model.ear!APP-INF/lib/adflibCommonModel.jar location. To locate the file, first extract the contents of the EAR file, and then the contents of the CommonModel.jar file.

If you add custom challenge questions to Oracle Identity Manager Design Console for lookup code Lookup.WebClient.Questions, then add corresponding properties to the common model bundles to localize the question text in the supported languages. Corresponding translations should be saved to the file.

For example, you might add the new challenge question "What is your favorite sport?". To localize this text, add properties to the property files in the following format:


Replace any white spaces in the question text with an underscore (_). For example, to localize the "What is your favorite sport?" challenge question in French, add the following property to the file:

KEY_WHAT_IS_YOUR_FAVORITE_SPORT?=Quel est votre sport favori?

To modify the text of the default challenge questions, add corresponding properties to the common model bundles (specific to the locale). For example, to modify the text of the "What is your favorite color?" question to use the British spelling (favourite and colour) instead of the American version (favorite and color), modify the following property in the file:

KEY_WHAT_IS_YOUR_FAVORITE_COLOR?=What is your favourite colour?