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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Getting Started with Oracle Data Integrator
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)

Part Number E12641-03
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10 Going Further with Oracle Data Integrator

This chapter provides information for going further with Oracle Data Integrator.

This chapter includes the following sections:

10.1 Summary

Congratulations! You have now completed an ETL project and learned about the fundamentals of Oracle Data Integrator.

In this Getting Started guide, you learned how to:

10.2 What else can you do with Oracle Data Integrator?

You have learned how to use Oracle Data Integrator for a typical Data Warehousing project. But Oracle Data Integrator is capable of addressing any type of data-driven integration, from batch to near-real-time, as for example:

Furthermore, in this Getting Started guide you have only seen Oracle Data Integrator connecting to a relational database and files. Oracle Data Integrator can also access and integrate all database systems, ERPs and CRMs, mainframes, flat files, LDAP directories, XML data sources, and so forth - all within the same toolset and using the same methodology.

Oracle Data Integrator is the only integration platform that unifies data, event, and service-based integration with a common declarative rules driven approach. It enables the enterprise to present a single view of its Information System, with a single, unified access model.

Some of the benefits that you will find from using Oracle Data Integrator include:

10.3 Learn More

You can learn more about creating your own integration projects with Oracle Data Integrator in the guides listed in Table 10-1.

Table 10-1 Oracle Data Integrator Documentation

Document Description

Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle Data Integrator

Provides Oracle Data Integrator installation information including pre-installation requirements and troubleshooting.

Oracle Fusion Middleware Upgrade Guide for Oracle Data Integrator

Provides 11g upgrade information for Oracle Data Integrator.

Oracle Fusion Middleware Developer's Guide for Oracle Data Integrator

Provides guidelines for developers interested in using Oracle Data Integrator for integration projects.

Oracle Fusion Middleware Connectivity and Knowledge Modules Guide for Oracle Data Integrator

Describes Oracle Data Integrator Knowledge Modules and technologies and how to use them in integration projects.

Oracle Fusion Middleware Knowledge Module Developer's Guide for Oracle Data Integrator

Describes ho to develop your own Knowledge Modules for Oracle Data Integrator.

You can find all Oracle Data Integrator documentation on the Oracle Data Integrator documentation page on the Oracle Technology Network, at:

The Oracle Data Integrator home page on the Oracle Technology Network also provides the following resources to learn more about other features of Oracle Data Integrator:

To learn more about the new features that have been introduced in Oracle Data Integrator 11g, see "What's New in Oracle Data Integrator?" in the Oracle Fusion Middleware Developer's Guide for Oracle Data Integrator and the Release Notes.

Thank you for choosing Oracle Data Integrator!