2 Simplified Configuration for Spring Applications

This chapter describes how to configure Spring applications to use WebLogic Server 10.3.6 resources.

To use WebLogic Server10.3.6 resources for a Spring application, you must specify a number of configurations for the application. WebLogic Server detects that an application is a Spring application and automatically creates these configurations for optimal performance. When the application context is created on application startup, WebLogic Server automatically creates a parent context containing the predefined resources. By making the application's context a child of this context, all of these resources become available to the application, and no explicit configuration is required.

The Spring configuration file WL_HOME\server\lib\SpringServerApplicationContext.xml specifies the default settings, which you can review to see if they satisfy your needs. You can override these settings in your own application context, if desired.

The defaults include:

  • The default transaction manager is WebLogicJtaTransactionManager.

  • The WebLogic Server runtime MBean server is automatically configured for Spring JMX

  • Server resources defined in Weblogic Server are automatically exposed as Spring beans.