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Oracle® Fusion Middleware User's Guide for Oracle WebCenter Portal: Spaces
11g Release 1 (

Part Number E10149-12
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41 Introduction to Adding and Managing Content

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For an overview of content management in Spaces, see Section 2, "Leveraging Content Management."

In a Spaces application, you can add content from one or more connected content repositories to the application in a variety of ways. You can use the Content Presenter task flow to precisely customize the selection and presentation of content, or you can use a Documents service task flow that suits your purposes for presenting content management functionality. You can also add individual folders and files to a page using links, images, or previews.

This chapter introduces the functionality available to add and manage content in a Spaces application in the following sections:


This chapter is intended for Spaces users who want to learn about the functionality available in Spaces to add and manage content using Content Presenter and the Documents service.

41.1 What You Should Know About Adding and Managing Content

Spaces provides the following types of containers in which to display and manage content:

41.2 What You Should Know About Content Management Selections in the Resource Catalog

Spaces users with permissions to edit pages use the Resource Catalog to add content to a page.

In Design view of page edit mode, you open the Resource Catalog by clicking the Add Content button on the region where you want to add content (Figure 41-1).

Figure 41-1 Add Content in Design View of Page Edit Mode Displaying Default Resource Catalog

Add Content button in Design view
Description of "Figure 41-1 Add Content in Design View of Page Edit Mode Displaying Default Resource Catalog"

The presence or location of the content selections in the Resource Catalog depends on how the Resource Catalog is configured. In the default Resource Catalog, open the Content Management section to expose the content task flows and document components (Figure 41-2).

Figure 41-2 Opening the Content Management Section in the Resource Catalog

Content Management Section in the Resource Catalog

In the Content Management section of the Resource Catalog, you can add content containers in either of the following ways:

For detailed descriptions about the Documents service task flows and document components, and how to use them, see Chapter 43, "Working with the Documents Service Task Flows and Document Components."