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Oracle® Fusion Middleware WebCenter Sites Upgrade Guide
11g Release 1 (

Part Number E35831-02
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2 Before You Upgrade to the Current Version of WebCenter Sites

Before upgrading to Oracle WebCenter Sites 11gR1 (, read this chapter to gain an understanding of the upgrade strategy and the prerequisite steps.

This chapter contains the following sections:

2.1 Planning the Upgrade Process

In a production environment, upgrades disrupt the operation of active systems and may result in extended downtime. To minimize such disruptions, Oracle highly recommends adopting the upgrade strategy outlined in this section, that is to start by updating a test environment.


The term "active" is used to denote any development, management, or delivery system that is currently serving content and whose unexpected downtime will affect business and productivity of the organization.

An enterprise-level environment typically consists of at least three different WebCenter Sites-powered systems: development, management, and delivery, as shown in Figure 2-1. Each system runs on its own database and interacts with the other systems typically through publishing or Oracle WebCenter Sites: Developer Tools.

Before upgrading an active environment, it is critical to perform a trial upgrade on a duplicate environment. The trial upgrade will help you detect and document system-specific issues and correct them in advance of the actual upgrade.


A trial upgrade is critical, as customizations made to the FatWire Content Server 7.6 Patch 2 Advanced user and Dash interfaces will not work on WebCenter Sites 11gR1 ( Therefore, due diligence is required to replace such customizations with those designed for the new Contributor interface before attempting to upgrade an active system.

If a duplicate environment is not available, start by upgrading the development system in order to minimize interruptions to the management and delivery systems. This approach is highly risky, and it should not be attempted unless extended downtime is deemed acceptable.

Figure 2-1 WebCenter Sites Environment

Description of Figure 2-1 follows
Description of "Figure 2-1 WebCenter Sites Environment"

2.2 Pre-Upgrade Steps

This guide is written for experienced WebCenter Sites installation engineers. Before upgrading to WebCenter Sites 11gR1 (, complete the following steps:

2.3 Pre-Upgrade Decisions

2.4 Planning the Post-Upgrade Steps

Once WebCenter Sites 11gR1 ( is upgraded, you will reapply customizations, and upgrade remote Satellite Server by re-installing Satellite Server. After you verify your upgraded installation, you will complete a set of steps that also involve developers and content contributors, depending on how they worked with their original installation. For additional information, see Section 3.7, "Post-Upgrade Steps" in Chapter 3, "Upgrading to the Current Version of WebCenter Sites."