User-defined questions are created outside of the Developer, using HTML, DHTML, Macromedia Flash, or another application. These questions may be of a type not available in the Developer, such as drag-and-drop, or you may have similar questions already created. For a new or existing user-defined question to be included, it must contain the necessary JavaScript code to communicate with the Developer for scoring and tracking purposes. 

Note: User-Defined Questions do not appear in published documents such as the Training Manual or Instructor Guide.

Once you have created a valid file, you add it to a package so it can be linked to a User-Defined question object in the Developer.

To add a user-defined question, you click Update Link Update Link and navigate to the appropriate package. After selecting the question file, enter a correct score percentage (0-100%) in the Correct Score field that will be compared to what is deemed a passing score in the user-defined question. This information is passed back to the Professional edition.

You can preview the question after it is saved but you can not edit the question in the Developer.

Warning! Deleting a package that contains the code for a user-defined question creates broken links in your content. Therefore, if you plan to remove the package, you should first remove any links to that user-defined question. Moving, renaming, or deleting a package item that is linked to a document creates broken links in your content. Because the Broken Links tool does not penetrate packages, it cannot detect when links to items within packages are broken. Therefore, if you plan to perform any of these actions on a package item, you should first remove any links to it from your content.

See Broken Links in Questions and Assessments in the Manage Document Relationships chapter of the Content Development manual for more information.

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