You can create groups to facilitate making permission assignments for many authors. For example, if you have multiple authors that will require the same access to content, it is easier to create a group with the appropriate permission settings and assign all authors that need that access to that group. 

When you add or edit a group, you can do the following:

Note: You can change the sort (ascending or descending) of items in the list by clicking a column title.

To add/edit a group:

  1. Log in as an administrator.
  2. Make sure you are working online.
  3. On the Administration menu, choose Manage Groups.
  4. Click Add new group Add new group or click Edit selected group Edit selected group.
  5. On the General tab, enter a unique Group Name.
  6. Enter a Description for the group. This can be any text that you want to describe the group in more detail. This text will appear in the Description column on the Group Management dialog box.
    You can either click OK now to save the group or continue to assign authors and permissions to the group as described next.
  7. Click the Members tab and select the authors to include in the group.
  8. Click the Permissions tab.
  9. Click Add and select a Library folder (you can also make a new library folder).
    A default permission is automatically applied.
  10. Click the Permission cell and choose a permission from the list.
  11. Repeat these steps to assign as many permissions as you need.
  12. Click OK.

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