You can create an unlimited number of custom views for the Library and control the following characteristics of each view: 

Note: Custom views are not Library-specific and are available in any Library.

After you create a custom view, it will appear in the View toolbar list.

Note: You cannot create a custom view for the Outline Editor; however, you can manually customize the Outline Details View.

If you modify the configuration settings (column selection/width and sort) of any active view outside of the View Editor, your changes are automatically saved in the view definition. For example, if you define specific columns to appear in a view, then activate that view in the Library and remove columns, those changes will be reflected in the view definition the next time you edit it in the View Editor.


Share Custom Views 

Any custom view that an author creates can be shared with other authors by distributing a copy of a view file from the ViewFilters\<language code> folder in the local data storage location on their computer. You can determine the location of the local data storage location when you create a login profile for the first time. The complete path of the local data storage location is displayed on the Summary page of the Login Profile Wizard for reference. For more information, see Share a Custom View in the Use and Share Custom Views section of the Use the Developer in a Multi-user Environment chapter. 

 Multi-user Considerations

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