You can copy documents from one folder in the Library to another. When you create a copy of a document, the Developer creates a new document with a new Document ID. The new copy and the original source document are not directly linked, so you can make changes to the copy without affecting the source. For example, you may want to copy a topic if two tasks are almost identical except for the final frames. You can record the first topic, create a copy of it with a new name, and then change the copy by re-recording the final frames. 

Paste vs. Paste Special
There are two paste commands in Developer for copied documents; Paste and Paste Special. If the copied document is a parent linked to other related child documents, it is important to choose the paste command that gives you the desired results. Examples of a parent document include a module or section linked to a topic, web page, package, glossary, assessment or question; or a topic linked to a web page, package, or glossary.

Note: Before copying a document, it is a good idea to check the document links in the Related Documents toolpane.

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