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Oracle® Retail Data Model Installation Guide
Release 11.3.2

Part Number E20362-05
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Oracle Retail Data Model Oracle Retail Data Model is a pre-built approach to retail data warehousing enabling a retailer to realize the power of insight more quickly.

Oracle Retail Data Model includes the following:

  • Physical implementation of the data model consisting of a foundation layer in third-normal-form schema, as well as dimensional models leveraging star schemas and OLAP cubes.

  • Automatic data movement (intra-ETL) to populate the dimensional models based on data from the foundation layer.

  • Pre-defined data mining models for employee analysis, customer analysis, store analysis, item analysis, and product category mix analysis.

  • Pre-built sample reports and dashboards.

Prerequisites: Oracle Retail Data Model requires the use of other Oracle software, which must be licensed separately. Contact your Oracle sales representative for additional information.