1.4 Configuration Limits

This section contains the configuration maximums for the Oracle VM Paravirtual Drivers for Microsoft Windows. The limits presented in the following table represents tested and recommended limits.

Table 1.3 Oracle VM Paravirtual Drivers for Microsoft Windows configuration maximums



Virtual CPUs


Virtual RAM on 32-bit guests

64 GB

Virtual RAM on 64-bit guests

256 GB

Virtual disks

40 [a]

Virtual NICs

8 [a]

[a] The number of virtual disks also includes the number of virtual NICs. If there are eight virtual NICs, only 32 virtual disks are supported. Virtual disks are assigned a higher priority than virtual NICs. If a virtual machine is configured with eight virtual NICs, and 35 virtual disks, then 35 disks are created, and five VNICs.