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Preparing to Install Oracle Tuxedo Message Queue

Oracle Tuxedo Message Queue Web Distribution

Oracle Tuxedo Message Queue Software Components

Hardware and Software Prerequisites

System Requirements

Temporary Storage Space Requirements

Inter-process Communication Resources Configuration

Oracle Installation Program

Installation Methods

Cancelling Installation

Install Sets

Oracle Home Directory

Installation Road Map

Installing OTMQ Using GUI-Mode Installation

What Is GUI-Mode Installation?

Starting GUI-Mode Installation on a Windows System

Starting GUI-Mode Installation on a UNIX System

Running GUI-Mode Installation

What Do I Do Next?

Installing OTMQ on UNIX Systems Using Console-Mode Installation

What Is Console-Mode Installation?

Starting Console-Mode Installation

Running Console-Mode Installation

What Do I Do Next?

Installing OTMQ Using Silent Installation

What Is Silent Installation?

Using Silent Installation: Main Steps

Creating a Template File

Invoking the Silent Installation Process on a UNIX System

UNIX Template File

What Do I Do Next?


Running Samples to Verify Your Installation

Running simpapp

Uninstalling Oracle Tuxedo Message Queue

Reinstalling Oracle Tuxedo Message Queue

OTMQ 12c Release 1 (12.1.1) Platform Data Sheets

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