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Introduction to Oracle TSAM Plus


Oracle TSAM Plus Components

Oracle TSAM Plus Agent

Oracle TSAM Plus Manager

Enterprise Manager for Oracle Tuxedo

Oracle TSAM Plus Architecture

Oracle TSAM Plus High Availability and Scalability

Oracle TSAM Plus High Availability

TSAM Plus Manager Scalability

Oracle TSAM Plus Concepts

Call Path Monitoring

Call Path Tree Definition

Monitoring Initiator

Service Monitoring

System Server Monitoring

Transaction Monitoring

Oracle Tuxedo Application Runtime for CICS and Batch Monitoring

Policy Monitoring

Performance Metrics

Oracle TSAM Plus Use Cases

Optimizing Application Development

Is the message routing working as expected?

Understanding Your Applications

What happens behind a simple call?

What about my services?

Is my network busy?

Who participates in my transaction?

Solving Application Performance Problems

Why is the service response time slow recently?

My back-end services failed, but I don’t know which one.

How many kinds of call paths are in my application?

Why is my global distributed transaction completed slowly?

I want to correlate local transactions with remote transactions.

I want to know what is the peak time that my local domain uses resources from the remote domain, and how busy it is.

Can I check program request information?

Improving Application Performance

Are my services too fine grained?

Are my services deployed properly?

Do I have too many servers configured?

I want to be notified when something is wrong with my system

How to drop stale requests?

Quick Start

See Also

Oracle TSAM Plus Agent


Oracle TSAM Plus Agent APIs


Local Monitor Server (LMS)

Oracle Tuxedo Application Runtime for CICS and Batch Configuration

Turning Oracle TSAM Plus On and Off

Oracle TSAM Plus Accounting and Chargeback

See Also

Oracle TSAM Plus Manager


Oracle TSAM Plus Data Server

Oracle TSAM Plus Console

Application Server


Configuring Oracle TSAM Plus Manager

See Also

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