Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Oracle TSAM Plus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

TSAM Plus Manager and Agent

The Basics

Where can I find the TSAM Plus Manager Database connection URL? Is the password encrypted?

Installation and Deployment

Does TSAM Plus support Oracle RAC as its database?

Can TSAM Plus Manager be deployed on a WLS cluster?

Why is the existing Oracle Tuxedo installation directory not recognized in the TSAM Plus Agent installation process?

For the TSAM Plus rolling patch installation, can I install the TSAM Plus patch without stopping Oracle Tuxedo Applications (just the LMS sever needs be stopped)?

Why do I get an error page when logging into the TSAM Plus console after starting the TSAM Plus manager?

During TSAM Plus Manager installation, deployment to an existing WebLogic always fails. How can this be resolved?

tsam.ear deployment failed on a WebLogic domain displaying following message in the output: “[J2EE:160149]Error while processing library references. Unresolved application library references, defined in weblogic-application.xml: [Extension-Name:, exact-match: false]”. How do I resolve it?

tsam.ear deployment with shell failed on a WebLogic domain running on WLS 10.3.6 and ADF environment. Following exception appears: “java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.faces.application.ProjectStage”. How do I resolve it?

Why can’t I uninstall Oracle TSAM Plus using GUI mode?

Why after uninstalling TSAM Plus agent, sometimes I cannot re-install TSAM Plus?

Why does the JVM used by TSAM Plus installer crash when Gnome or Twm desktop environment is used?


Is TSAM Plus able to report the CPU time for multi-threaded servers?


What is the recommended way to use events coming from a defined TSAM Plus alert?

ART CICS Monitoring

I see a description of the Region-Group.mapping file when looking for ART monitoring information in TSAM Plus documentation, does it have anything to do with ART?

Why is there a TPENOENT error when invoking a CICS Resource Query on TSAM Plus console?


I cannot see the domain in TSAM Plus console when SECURITY MANDATORY_ACL and the AUTHSVC server are configured in the UBBCONFIG file?

Web Console

What is my login user name and password?

How do I display my domain topology on the left side of the Oracle Tuxedo component tree?

My component tree does not change when the domain status or structure is changed.

How do I switch to the ART CICS Regions tree and ART Batch Applications tree from the component tree area?

Why does the alert number never change in the Unread Alerts notification area?

Why can’t charts be displayed in the metrics query page?

While browsing TSAM Console pages, an error message "An unknown error occurred during data streaming. Ask your System Administrator to inspect the server-side logs" appears, and an exception "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: sun/awt/X11GraphicsEnvironment" or "java.lang.InternalError: Can't connect to X11 window server using 'hostname:1.0' as the value of the $DISPLAY variable." is found in the server-side log. How to resolve it?

When a TSAM application is running under Tomcat and Windows 2008 Server, why is the web page truncated in IE 8.0 when I click Detach to highlight a table and then click Detach again or press Esc to restore the table?

Why there is no result queried out for Oracle Tuxedo metrics?


When storing metric data into a database, the processing time is very slow. How to speed it up?

Why does a machine running Oracle Tuxedo get slower after using TSAM Plus?


Does TSAM Plus manager support TSAM agent 1.1/10g/11g, what are the limitations?


Does TSAM Plus support data migration from TSAM releases?

Enterprise Manager for Oracle Tuxedo


What is the correct procedure to undeploy Enterprise Manager for Oracle Tuxedo from OMS?

Why does deploying Enterprise Manager for Oracle Tuxedo on Enterprise Manager OMS in Windows always hang at the "Register DLF" step?

tlisten fails to start with -j option, and "TSAM_CAT:481: ERROR: Load library \"\" failed." shows in ULOG. How to resolve it?

What is the required JRE version for starting tlisten with -j option?

tlisten fails to start with -j option displaying "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: net (No such file or directory)". How to resolve it?

tlisten crashes with -j option on AIX platform. How to resolve it?


After discovery, only tuxedo_tlisten and tuxedo_home are found. Why?

During discovery, why is the connection always refused by ServiceUnavailableException?

Why does the Enterprise Manager Console still show the old value when the TUXCONFIG file has been changed?

Why is the "Unable to find discovery home" error reported during discovery?

Discovery of the Tuxedo domain running on an HP-UX host always fails displaying following error message: “Connection refused to host: <IPv6 address>; nested exception is: Connection timed out”. How do I resolve it?


Why is there a metrics value mismatch between the server target and domain/machine target?

Why does the metrics "Average Execution Time (microsecond)" value display “Unavailable” in table view mode in the Service Statistics page?

Why does the metrics table on EM have no data after the client requests?

Why can’t I find the service metrics value in Oracle Tuxedo server targets after discovering the Oracle Tuxedo applications on Enterprise Manager?

Why is the Oracle Tuxedo target status (UP/ERROR/DOWN) not consistent with the Oracle Tuxedo domain status (Down/Up) on Enterprise Manager Console?

Why is the Service Statistics metrics for Oracle Tuxedo domain, Oracle Tuxedo group, and Oracle Tuxedo machine target always 0?

Administration Console

Why can’t SALT GWWS Server be started from Enterprise Manager console when it is down?

Why doesn’t the server boot automatically after migration?

After successfully shutting down the machine target on Enterprise Manager console, why is the machine target status still running?

Tuxedo Event Monitoring

Does Enterprise Manager for Oracle Tuxedo support monitoring Oracle Tuxedo SYSTERM and USER event?

Why are Oracle Tuxedo Events not received as Enterprise Manager incidents after I start the tux_snmpd and configure the correct Receive Port for SNMP Agent as tuxedo_domain target monitoring configuration?

ART Batch Monitoring

Why can’t I find any job in the Jobs Query Result List table after submitting the Job in the Batch_System target?

Resource Broker

During domain deployment using the resource broker feature, why do I always have a permission problem even after I have input the correct SSH user and password?

When using Resource Broker to create a new domain, why is no machine listed in the Machine List panel in the UBBCONFIG editor?

In domain UBBCONFIG editor, why is the add (+) button beside an application package always disabled?

What is the schema of Properties.xml file?

When selecting an Oracle Tuxedo domain in the Oracle Tuxedo Summary page, why isn't the domain editable?

I have defined the deployment policy, but why isn't the action defined in the policy carried out when the corresponding incident happens?

When defining the package-level deployment policy, why is there no item available in the Candidate Groups dropdown list?

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