Service Component Architecture

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Administering Oracle Tuxedo SCA Components

Oracle Tuxedo SCA Deployment Model

SCA Composite Configuration File

SCA Component Configuration File

Configuring Oracle Tuxedo SCA Components

Configuring an SCA ATMI Client

Configuring an SCA JATMI Client

Configuring an SCA Workstation Client

Configuring an SCA Web Service Client

Configuring an SCA ATMI Server

Configuring an SCA Web Service Server

Configuring SCA Client Security

Oracle Tuxedo Application Domain Security

Oracle Tuxedo Link-Level Security

Configuring Link-Level Encryption

Configuring Transport Layer Security

Administering Oracle Tuxedo SCA Components

Tracing the SCA ATMI Server and Client

Oracle Tuxedo TMTRACE

SCA Runtime, ATMI Service, and Reference Binding Tracing

Monitoring SCA ATMI Servers

Tracing SCA JATMI Clients

Oracle Tuxedo SCA Programming


SCA Utilities

SCA Client Programming

SCA Client Programming Steps

Setting Up the Client Directory Structure

Developing the Client Application

Composing the SCDL Descriptor

Building the Client Application

Running the Client Application

Invoking Existing Oracle Tuxedo Services

Handling TPFAIL Data

SCA Component Programming

SCA Component Programming Steps

Setting Up the Component Directory

Developing the Component Implementation

Composing the SCDL Descriptor

Compiling and Linking the Components

Building the Oracle Tuxedo Server Host

SCA Python, Ruby, and PHP Programming

SCA Python, Ruby, and PHP Programming Overview

Python, Ruby, and PHP Client Programming

SCDL Clients

Python Clients

Ruby Clients

PHP Clients

Python, Ruby, and PHP Component Programming

SCDL Components

Python Components

Ruby Components

PHP Components

SCA Structure Support

SCA Structure Support Overview

SCA Structure Limitations

Using SCA Structure Description Files

Using tuxscagen to Generate Structures

SCA Remote Protocol Support



SCA Binding

ATMI Binding

Java ATMI (JATMI) Binding

Python, Ruby, and PHP Binding

Python, Ruby, and PHP Binding Limitations

Web Services Binding

SCA Data Type Mapping

Run-Time Data Type Mapping

Simple Oracle Tuxedo Buffer Data Mapping

Multibyte String Data Mapping

Complex Return Type Mapping

Complex Oracle Tuxedo Buffer Data Mapping

SDO Mapping

SCA Utility Data Type Mapping

C++ Parameter/Return Type and Oracle Tuxedo Buffer Type Mapping

C++ Parameter Type and Oracle Tuxedo Parameter Type Mapping

C++ Parameter Type and Oracle Tuxedo Complex Type Mapping

SDO Mapping

C Struct Mapping

Parameter and Return Types to Parameter-Level Keyword Restrictions

Python, Ruby, and PHP Data Type Mapping

Python Data Type Mapping

Python Parameters


Ruby Data Type Mapping

Ruby Parameters


PHP Data Type Mapping

List of Parameters

Named Parameters

SCA Structure Data Type Mapping

SCA Structure and FML32 or FML Mapping

FML Field Naming Requirements

Long Element Truncation

SCA Structure and VIEW32, VIEW, X_OCTET, or X_C_TYPE Mapping

SCA Structure and Mbstring Mapping

TPFAIL Return Data

SCA and Oracle Tuxedo Interoperability

SCA Transactions

SCA Security

SCA Command Reference




mkfldfromschema, mkfld32fromschema

mkviewfromschema, mkview32fromschema




scastructc32, scastructc(1)

scastructdis32, scastructdis




Oracle Tuxedo SCA Sample Applications

Basic Sample: simpappp

Other Uses

Advanced Sample: uBike

Other Uses

SCA Sample Using Web Services: calc client

Oracle Tuxedo SCA ATMI Binding Reference

SCA ATMI Binding Schema

SCA ATMI Binding Attributes Description





</binding.atmi/inputBufferType>, </binding.atmi/outputBufferType>, </binding.atmi/errorBufferType>













Appendix B: Oracle Tuxedo SCA Schemas

ATMI and JTMI Binding Schema For C/C++

Web Service Binding Schema

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