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Oracle® Application Express Application Builder User's Guide
Release 4.2

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14.9 Removing Controls and Components to Isolate a Problem

If you have problems running a page, try removing controls and components one at a time. Using this approach, you can quickly determine which control or component may be the source of your problem. You can disable a control or component by selecting the Condition attribute Never.

To remove a control or component using conditional attributes:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate Page Definition. See "Accessing the Page Definition".

  2. Select the name of the control or component you want to disable.

    The appropriate attributes page appears.

  3. Scroll down to Condition Type and select Never from the Condition Type list.

  4. Click Apply Changes and return to the Page Definition.

  5. Try running the page again.

  6. Continue to remove controls or components until the page runs correctly.