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Oracle® Application Express Application Builder User's Guide
Release 4.2

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4.1 About the Team Development Home Page

The Team Development home page functions as a starting point for managing features, milestones, To Dos, bugs, and feedback.

Description of team_dev_icons.gif follows
Description of the illustration team_dev_icons.gif

The following large icons display in the center of the page:

About News

Use the News region to communicate with other developers. You can add new or view news entries posted by other workspace users. News displays on the Application Express home page, the Team Development home page, and the News page. See "Managing News Entries".

About Team Actions

The Team Actions list displays on the right side of the page.

Description of team_actions.gif follows
Description of the illustration team_actions.gif

The Team Actions list contains the following links:


The last item on the Team Actions list toggles between View Files and Enable Files depending upon whether your administrator has enabled file upload capability. If Enable Files displays, then file upload capability has not yet been enabled by your administrator.

About Team Development Summaries

The bottom of the Team Development home page includes the following summaries: