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Oracle® Application Express Administration Guide
Release 4.2

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1.12 Changing Build Status for Multiple Applications

Every Oracle Application Express application has an application-level attribute called Build Status. You can use this attribute to prevent an application from being modified by other developers. Build Status has two settings:

Setting the Build Status to Run Application Only is an effective way to prevent other developers from modifying it.

You can change the Build Status of an application as follows:

Managing Build Status in Workspace Administration

To manage Build Status in Workspace Administration:

  1. Navigate to the Workspace home page.

  2. Click the Administration icon.

  3. On the Administration page, click Manage Service.

  4. Under Manage Meta Data, click Application Build Status.

    Next, select a status. Status specifies whether the application is available or unavailable for use.

  5. For Status, select one of the following:

    • Available - Application is available with no restrictions.

    • Available with Edit Links - Application is available for use. For developers, the Developer toolbar displays at the bottom of each page. Requires the developer to be logged in to the Application Builder in the same browser session.

    • Available to Developers Only - Application is available to users having developer privileges.

    • Restricted Access - Application is available to developers named in the Restrict to comma separated user list.

    • Unavailable - Application cannot be run or edited. The message in Message for unavailable application displays when users attempt to access the application.

    • Unavailable (Status Shown with PL/SQL) - Application cannot be run or edited.

    • Unavailable (Redirect to URL) - Application cannot be run or edited.

  6. From Build Status, select one of the following:

    • Run and Build Application - Developers can both run and edit an application.

    • Run Application Only - Developers can only run an application.

  7. Click Apply Changes.