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Oracle® Application Express Administration Guide
Release 4.2

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Changes in This Release

This preface contains:

Changes in Oracle Application Express Release 4.2

The following are changes in Oracle Application Express Administration Guide for Oracle Application Express release 4.2.

New Features

The following features are new in this release:

  • Team Development Attachments

    Developers can now add external documents as attachments to features, bugs, and ToDos.

    See "Enabling Support for File Attachments in Team Development".

  • Manage Packaged Applications

  • Instance Proxy

    Proxies can now be defined at the instance level superseding those at the application and Web Service reference level.

    See "Configuring a Proxy Server for an Instance".

  • All Outbound traffic HTTPS

    When enabled, this new instance setting requires that all outbound traffic use the HTTPS protocol.

    See "Requiring HTTPS".

  • Bigfile Tablespace

    When a workspace is provisioned and Oracle Application Express is creating the associated database user, tablespace, and datafile, the underlying tablespace can be created as a bigfile tablespace that can grow to a very large size (terabytes), overcoming the limitation of smallfile tablespaces.

    See "Enabling Bigfile Tablespaces".

  • Encrypted Tablespace

    Tablespaces created by Oracle Application Express when provisioning a workspace can be created as an encrypted tablespace, assuming the database administrator has created and opened an encryption wallet with a master encryption key set.

    See "Enabling Encrypted Tablespaces".

  • Manage Application ID Range

    Instance administrators can control the range for IDs of new database or Websheet applications.

    See "Managing Application ID Range".

  • Create Multiple Workspaces

    Instance administrators can now utilize a wizard to provision multiple workspaces at once.

    See "Creating Multiple Workspaces".

  • Enable Application Tracing

    Instance administrators can enable or disable application tracing to control when database trace files can be created by an application which has Debug enabled.

    See "Enabling Application Tracing".

  • Reporting on Interactive Report Subscriptions

    Enables instance administrators to monitor and review interactive report subscriptions.

    See "Managing Interactive Report Subscriptions".

  • Failed Login Handling

    Administrators can define a period of time users must wait following each failed login attempt. Administrators can also define a lockout period following a specified number of failed attempts.

    See "Configuring Login Controls".

  • Define Resource Consumer Group

    Instance administrators can associate a workspace with a Resource Consumer Group to better manage the resource utilization of different workspaces within a shared environment.

    See "Editing Workspace Details".

Other Changes

The following are additional changes in the release:

  • All content has been updated to reflect new functionality.

  • Screen captures and graphics have been added and updated to reflect Oracle Application Express release 4.2 user interface enhancements.