Chapter 5 Secure Deployment Checklist

Table of Contents

5.1 Minimizing the Software Footprint
5.2 Configuring System Logging
5.3 Disabling Core Dumps
5.4 Minimizing Active Services
5.5 Locking Down Network Services
5.6 Configuring a Packet-filtering Firewall
5.7 Configuring TCP Wrappers
5.8 Configuring Kernel Parameters
5.9 Restricting Access to SSH Connections
5.10 Configuring File System Mounts, File Permissions, and File Ownerships
5.11 Checking User Accounts and Privileges

The sections in this chapter provide guidelines that help secure your Oracle Linux system.

For information about using OpenSCAP to scan a system for vulnerabilities, see Chapter 6, Using OpenSCAP to Scan for Vulnerabilities.