Oracle® Linux

Release Notes for Release 6.4

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October 2013


This document contains information on Oracle Linux Release 6 Update 4. This document may be updated after it is released. To check for updates to this document, and to view other Oracle documentation, refer to the Documentation section on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Web site:

This document is intended for users and administrators of Oracle Linux. It describes potential issues and the corresponding workarounds you may encounter while using Oracle Linux. Oracle recommends that you read this document before installing or upgrading Oracle Linux.

Document generated on: 2013-10-29 (revision: 1342)

Table of Contents

1 New Features and Changes
1.1 Supported Kernels
1.1.1 Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 2
1.2 Notable New Features
1.2.1 Xen Improvements
1.2.2 Notable New Features Available with the Red Hat Compatible Kernel
1.3 Technology Preview Features
1.4 Packages Added to the Upstream Release
1.5 Packages Modified from the Upstream Release
1.6 Packages Removed from the Upstream Release
1.7 Packages Added by Oracle
2 Fixed and Known Issues
2.1 Fixed Issues
2.2 Known Issues
3 Upgrading to Oracle Linux 6 Update 4
3.1 Supported Upgrade Paths
3.2 Obtaining Oracle Linux 6 Update 4 Packages
3.2.1 About the Unbreakable Linux Network
3.2.2 About Public Yum
3.2.3 About Oracle Linux Installation Media
3.3 Applying Updates
3.4 Upgrading Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 2