3.2 Using a Kickstart File to Install a System

A Kickstart installation requires access to the Oracle Linux installation media on a local CD-ROM drive or hard drive, or over the network using HTTP or NFS.

To use a Kickstart file to install a system:

  1. Boot the system from a bootable medium. If you need to modify the boot command, press Esc to access the command line.

  2. If you have not customized the boot medium to use Kickstart, use the ks option to specify the location of the Kickstart file.

    For example, the following boot command specifies that the Kickstart file is on the boot CD:

    boot: linux ks=cdrom:/ks.cfg

    If the Kickstart file is located on an NFS server, you might use a boot command such as the following:

    boot: linux ksdevice=eth0 ip=dhcp ks=nfs:

    where ksdevice=eth0 specifies the network interface and ip=dhcp specifies that DHCP should be used to configure this interface.

    For more information, see Section 2.2, “Installation Boot Options”.

  3. If the Kickstart configuration does not specify the installation method, insert the installation DVD or make the installation image available to the system when prompted.