Chapter 1 Pre-installation Configuration

Table of Contents

1.1 System Requirements
1.2 Obtaining Oracle Linux 6 Installation Media
1.3 Planning the Installation
1.4 Configuring a Network Installation Server
1.4.1 Setting up a New NFS Server
1.4.2 Configuring an Existing NFS Server
1.4.3 Setting up a New HTTP Server
1.4.4 Configuring an Existing HTTP Server
1.4.5 Setting up a Network Installation Server
1.4.6 Modifying a Full DVD Image to Support Brtfs root File System Installation
1.4.7 Configuring DHCP and TFTP Services to Support PXE Clients
1.4.8 Configuring Dnsmasq to Support PXE Clients
1.4.9 About Boot-Loader Configuration Files
1.4.10 Configuring DHCP to Support iPXE Clients
1.5 Configuring a Cobbler Provisioning Server
1.5.1 Importing a Distribution into Cobbler
1.5.2 Creating a Cobbler Profile
1.5.3 Adding a PXE Client to be Provisioned by Cobbler
1.5.4 Removing a PXE Client Definition from Cobbler
1.6 Writing a Boot ISO Image to CD or DVD
1.7 Customizing an Installation Boot Image
1.8 Creating a Bootable USB Memory Stick

This chapter describes the system requirements for Oracle Linux 6, how to obtain the Oracle Linux 6 software, information that you require to install a system, and how to set up a network installation server or a Cobbler-based provisioning server.