Chapter 4 Boot Configuration

Table of Contents

4.1 About the Boot Process
4.2 About the GRUB Boot Loader
4.2.1 About the GRUB Configuration File
4.2.2 Configuring a GRUB Password
4.2.3 Using GRUB
4.3 About Run Levels
4.3.1 Displaying the Run Level
4.3.2 Changing the Run Level
4.3.3 Shutting down the System
4.3.4 About Service Scripts
4.3.5 About the Service Configuration GUI
4.3.6 Starting and Stopping Services
4.3.7 Configuring Services to Start at Different Run Levels

This chapter describes the Oracle Linux boot process, how to use the GRUB boot loader, how to change the run level of a system, and how to configure the services that are available at each run level.