Chapter 18 File System Administration

Table of Contents

18.1 Making File Systems
18.2 Mounting File Systems
18.2.1 About Mount Options
18.3 About the File System Mount Table
18.4 Configuring the Automounter
18.5 Mounting a File Containing a File System Image
18.6 Creating a File System on a File
18.7 Checking and Repairing a File System
18.7.1 Changing the Frequency of File System Checking
18.8 About Access Control Lists
18.8.1 Configuring ACL Support
18.8.2 Setting and Displaying ACLs
18.9 About Disk Quotas
18.9.1 Enabling Disk Quotas on File Systems
18.9.2 Assigning Disk Quotas to Users and Groups
18.9.3 Setting the Grace Period
18.9.4 Displaying Disk Quotas
18.9.5 Enabling and Disabling Disk Quotas
18.9.6 Reporting on Disk Quota Usage
18.9.7 Maintaining the Accuracy of Disk Quota Reporting

This chapter describes how to create, mount, check, and repair file systems, how to configure Access Control Lists, how to configure and manage disk quotas.