Chapter 3 Ksplice Uptrack

Table of Contents

3.1 About Ksplice Uptrack
3.1.1 Supported Kernels
3.2 Registering to Use Ksplice Uptrack
3.3 Installing Ksplice Uptrack
3.4 Configuring Ksplice Uptrack
3.5 Managing Ksplice Updates
3.6 Patching and Updating Your System
3.7 Removing the Ksplice Uptrack software
3.8 About Ksplice Offline Client
3.8.1 Modifying a Local Yum Server to Act as a Ksplice Mirror
3.8.2 Configuring Ksplice Offline Clients
3.9 For More Information About Ksplice Uptrack

This chapter describes how to configure Ksplice Uptrack to update the kernel on a running system.