Chapter 17 Storage Management

Table of Contents

17.1 About Disk Partitions
17.1.1 Managing Partition Tables Using fdisk
17.1.2 Managing Partition Tables Using parted
17.1.3 Mapping Partition Tables to Devices
17.2 About Swap Space
17.2.1 Viewing Swap Space Usage
17.2.2 Creating and Using a Swap File
17.2.3 Creating and Using a Swap Partition
17.2.4 Removing a Swap File or Swap Partition
17.3 About Logical Volume Manager
17.3.1 Initializing and Managing Physical Volumes
17.3.2 Creating and Managing Volume Groups
17.3.3 Creating and Managing Logical Volumes
17.4 About Software RAID
17.4.1 Creating Software RAID Devices
17.5 Creating Encrypted Block Devices
17.6 About iSCSI Storage
17.6.1 Configuring an iSCSI Target
17.6.2 Configuring an iSCSI Initiator
17.6.3 Updating the Discovery Database
17.7 About Device Multipathing
17.7.1 Configuring Multipathing

This chapter describes how to configure and manage disk partitions, swap space, logical volumes, software RAID, block device encryption, iSCSI storage, and multipathing.