Chapter 10 System Dump Analysis

Table of Contents

10.1 About Kdump
10.1.1 Configuring and Using Kdump
10.1.2 Files Used by Kdump
10.1.3 Using Kdump with OCFS2
10.1.4 Using Kdump with a System Hang
10.2 Using the crash Debugger
10.2.1 Installing the crash Packages
10.2.2 Running crash
10.2.3 Kernel Data Structure Analysis Commands
10.2.4 System State Commands
10.2.5 Helper Commands
10.2.6 Session Control Commands
10.2.7 Guidelines for Examining a Dump File

This chapter describes how to configure a system to create a memory image in the event of a system crash, and how to use the crash debugger to analyse the memory image in a crash dump or for a live system.