Chapter 3 Operating System Considerations

Table of Contents

3.1 Storage Order and Alignment
3.2 Data Structures and Sizes
3.3 Compiler Options and Portability of Code
3.4 Byte Ordering
3.5 Data Conversion for Interoperability
3.5.1 Low-Level Code, Bit-Level Operations
3.6 System Call Mapping

Although various flavors of Linux are available on SPARC or RISC platforms, most Linux deployments are on x86 or x86-64 systems. Migrating to Oracle Linux while remaining on an x86 or x86-64 system is a simple task because few processor-specific issues arise during this transition. On the other hand, specific measures must be taken when transitioning from a SPARC or RISC platform.

This chapter discusses the various aspects that must be considered during migration between platform architectures.