Oracle ASR Fault Coverage for

Engineered Systems


This document covers Oracle ASR Solaris fault coverage information for qualified Engineered Systems servers. Click the links below for details about your specific platform:

Exadata Database Server

X2-2 (formerly X4170 M2)

X3-2 (formerly X4170 M3)




Exadata Storage Server

X2-2L (formerly X4270 M2)

X3-2L (formerly X4270 M3)



Exadata Disk Alerts

Exadata Servers

Exadata Servers - Complex Rules

Exadata ORA Events (Oracle Platinum Services Only)

Exadata ORA Events


X2-2 (formerly X4170 M2)

X3-2 (formerly X4170 M3)


Exalogic Storage Appliance

ZFS x-x and 7xx0

Engineered Systems Components

InfiniBand Switches

SuperCluster Products

SuperCluster M6-32

SuperCluster T5-8

Oracle Big Data Appliance (BDA)

Oracle Big Data Appliance

Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)

Oracle Database Appliance (All Models)

X4370 M2



Oracle is continuously analyzing and improving the ASR fault rules to enhance the Oracle support experience. This includes adding, modifying and removing rules to focus on actionable events from ASR assets while filtering non-actionable events. ASR is designed to enhance the process of creating and resolving Service Requests and is not a replacement for system monitoring. As such, the ASR fault coverage documents represent specific faults that Oracle can automate, not parts that are monitored. The ASR Manager includes a feature to integrate the ASR Service Request creation event into your existing monitoring system. This is described in the ASR Manager documentation on ... Documentation.

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