3 Qualified Pillar Axiom Storage Products

This chapter describes the Pillar Axiom products qualified for Oracle Auto Service Request. The following storage products are qualified:

  • AX300
  • AX400

  • AX500

  • AX600
  • Older Systems

The Pillar Axiom Call-Home feature is integrated with Oracle Auto Service Request (ASR).

3.1 Oracle ASR Configuration Instructions

Follow the instructions in the appropriate version of the Pillar Axiom Administrator's Guide to:

  • Configure Call-Home Settings

  • Test Call-Home


3.1.1 Enable Oracle Auto Service Request (ASR)

  1. Navigate to the Configuration, then Services, and finally the Phone Home tab within the Storage Manager GUI.

  2. Fill out any required web proxy information specific to your site.

  3. When the pencil icon in the Registration section is clicked, a Privacy Statement is displayed. Click OK, then complete the section for Sun Online Account and password. Click OK.

  4. When the account is verified, check the Sun Inventory and Enable Phone Home check boxes.

  5. Click the Apply radio button at the upper left just under the Properties title.

  6. When the Service Enable / Disable pop-up window is presented, respond with your selection (Enable).

3.1.2 Fault Coverage

See the "Pillar Products" section of the Oracle ASR Fault Coverage for Storage Products document for fault coverage details:


3.2 Notes

  1. Release 5.3.0 and 5.3.1 encountered issues with Call Home not allowing sessions if going through a proxy using http. Refer to Pillar Axiom 500/600 Customer Notes, Release 5.3 id 13746537 for details:


    Options for resolving this issue are:

  2. Heartbeat functionality is based on a weekly Test Call Home being automatically sent by the Pillar Axiom. For more details refer to Pillar Axiom Administrator Guide: