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Oracle® Auto Service Request Qualified Engineered Systems Products
Release 4.9

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1 Qualified Exadata Products

The Oracle Exadata Database Machine is qualified for Oracle Auto Service Request. The following Exadata products are qualified for ASR:

InfiniBand switches are supported for the following image releases:

For more information about the Oracle Exadata Database Machine:


  • ASR Manager 4.0 or later.

  • Exadata software version or higher.


    While Oracle ASR supports this version of the Exadata software, you must upgrade to Exadata software version or higher to include support for InfiniBand switches.
  • Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) on Exadata servers

Fault Coverage

ASR uses the following telemetry sources to detect fault events on Oracle Exadata hardware:

  • Fault Management Architecture (FMA): Provides CPU and memory fault information from the host.

  • Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM): Provides fault information, power and environmental, and CPU and memory fault information from the service processor.

  • Exadata-detected Events (HALRT): Provides fault coverage for disks, flash, and PCI cards within Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

  • Data Center InfiniBand Switch management module: Provides fault coverage for power, memory, storage, and battery. For details about the Data Center InfiniBand Switch, see:

For fault coverage details, see the respective Exadata Database Server, Exadata Storage Server, and Exadata Disk Alerts sections in the ASR Fault Coverage for Engineered Systems document: