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Oracle® Auto Service Request Qualified Engineered Systems Products
Release 4.9

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4 Oracle Database Appliance

The Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) is qualified for Oracle Auto Service Request. The following ODA products are qualified for ASR:

For more information about the Oracle Database Appliance:

For information about configuring your Oracle Database Appliance to use Oracle Auto Service Request, refer to ODA (Oracle Database Appliance): How To Configure ASR Post Deploy and ASR Troubleshooting (Doc ID 1427924.1) in My Oracle Support:


Both of the following fault telemetry sources are required to enable Oracle ASR:

  • The minimum version required is ODA

  • Oracle recommends upgrading to ODA Release 2.8. The release of ODA 2.8 includes improvements in the ASR configuration and test menu. ODA 2.8 also supports the virtual environment with ASR.

    Prior to this release, see the instructions in ASR Standalone Manager - Manual Configuration for Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) (Doc ID 1490606.1) to manually configure an external ASR Manager. You can access this document in My Oracle Support:

Fault Coverage

ASR uses ILOM telemetry sources to detect fault events on Oracle Database Appliance hardware. ILOM provides fault information, power and environmental, and CPU and memory fault information from the service processor.

For fault coverage details, see the Oracle ASR Fault Coverage for Engineered Systems: Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) document: