Oracle Auto Service Request (ASR) is a feature of Oracle Premier Support for Systems and Oracle/Sun Limited Warranty that is designed to automatically request Oracle service when specific hardware faults occur. ASR is designed to enable faster problem resolution by eliminating the need to initiate contact with Oracle services for hardware failures, reducing both the number of phone calls needed and overall phone time required. For complete information about ASR, see


This document is intended for Oracle customers and partners who have Oracle products qualified for ASR with Oracle Premier Support for Systems and/or Hardware Warranty service plans.

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What's Changed

This table provides a brief overview of the document changes for the latest publication of the Oracle® Auto Service Request Installation and Operations Guide:

Part Number Change Summary
E18475-33 Updated to remove support for the NTLM proxy in the Configuring ASR Manager to Use a Proxy Server section. The NTLM proxy is not supported.
E18475-32 Minor editorial changes.
E18475-31 Updated to support ASR 5.0.3. See the full list of Known ASR Manager 5.0.0, 5.0.1, and 5.0.2 issues Corrected in Oracle ASR Release 5.0.3.

Added a new ASR Manager port (6666) to the ASR Port Usage table.

Updated the ASR Diagnostics section to include information about ASR Remote Diagnostics.

Replaced the e-mail examples with references to Auto Service Request (ASR) Email Examples (Doc ID 1963725.1) available in My Oracle Support (

E18475-30 Extensive update to support ASR 5.0, including the deprecation of the OASM requirement.

Added Appendix B, "Third-Party Licenses."

E18475-29 Updated the What's New chapter to clarify the Automatic updates for open service requests (SRs) feature.
E18475-28 Added a new section: ASR Audit Logging.

Updated the asr show_log_collection_status command in ASR Diagnostics.

Updated Figure 4-1, "ASR Asset Status Transition" diagram.