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Using PeopleTools to Build Accessible Applications

If you customize PeopleSoft applications, you should ensure that your customizations take advantage of all of the accessibility features that are available in PeopleTools so that your customized applications appear properly in Accessible Layout mode. PeopleTools applies many of the accessibility features automatically at runtime. However, in some cases the accessibility features rely on settings that you apply when creating or customizing applications in PeopleSoft Application Designer. Therefore, you must ensure that any changes or customizations that you make meet accessibility requirements. These topics discuss how to:

Note: These topics assume that you have a basic understanding of how to use PeopleSoft Application Designer.

These topics list the main Section 508 standards to which they apply. However, not all Section 508 standards are covered, because most accessibility features are provided automatically with PeopleTools and do not require you to apply any settings when you customize applications. You can find a complete list of the Section 508 standards at