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Accessibility Standards at Oracle

Oracle's goal is to ensure that disabled end-users of our products can perform the same tasks, and access the same functionality, as other users. Oracle's PeopleSoft applications have been designed according to the standards of Section 508, a milestone U.S. law passed in 1998 that requires federal agencies to purchase information technology products that meet specifications that were defined by the Access Board. Oracle makes no warranty that PeopleSoft applications will inter-operate with all assistive technology or user agents (browsers). An accessible solution is achieved only when the user’s operating system, browser, assistive technology, and Oracle software all have coded to, and interpreted similarly, the same standards. For more information about accessibility laws, standards, and regulations, as well as the product status of Oracle's PeopleSoft applications, visit Oracle's Accessibility Program website.

Note: Although new PeopleSoft code is designed to meet the latest accessibility standards, some older code has not been retrofitted to meet the new standards of the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, version 1.0 level double-A (WCAG 1.0 'AA').