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PeopleTools 8.53 Accessibility Improvements

This table describes accessibility improvements for release 8.53 by product area:

Product Area


Cross-References for More Information

PIA Core Technology

Page design: added the ability to include the controls in an HTML area within the page tabbing order.

Using HTML Areas

PIA Core Technology

Page design: provided a new set level option for a horizontal rule, which enables you to specify a scroll level organization that differs from the tab order of page fields. Use this feature to manipulate the occurs level of your controls on the page while still preserving the physical tab order at runtime.

Using Horizontal Rules

Related Content Framework

Provided keyboard support for related actions in accessibility mode.

Understanding the PeopleSoft Related Content Framework

Pivot Grids

Provided support for pivot grids in accessibility mode. An option is provided to view chart data as a grid. Users can navigate and perform actions on the pivot grid using the keyboard.

PeopleSoft Pivot Grid

PeopleSoft Online Help

The PeopleSoft Online Help was redesigned with accessibility in mind. The accessibility improvements include:

  • Added alt attributes for all images.

  • Added summary attributes for all tables.

  • Enhanced text descriptions of images.

  • Improved navigation options and functionality for keyboard users.

  • Improved the underlying HTML code to work better with assistive technology, such as screen readers.

Using and Managing the PeopleSoft Online Help