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Providing Access to the Accessibility Features Personalization in Permission Lists

Before users can enable PeopleSoft accessibility features in My Personalizations, you must give them permission to modify the Accessibility Features personalization. To set up personalization permissions:

  1. Select select PeopleTools, then select Security, then select Permissions & Roles, then select Permission Lists to access the Permission Lists component.

  2. Add or select a new permission list.

  3. Select the Personalizations tab to access the personalization permissions.

  4. Enter the following information:

    Option Category Level

    Select Tools.

    Option Category Group

    Select PS Internet Architecture.

  5. Click the Edit Options link to open the Personalization Permissions page.

  6. Select the Allow User Option check box next to the Accessibility Features (ACCESS) user option.

    If this check box is not selected, users cannot enable the accessibility features in My Personalizations.

  7. Click OK to apply the change and return to the Personalizations page.

  8. Click Save.