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Using Images Consistently

This section explains how to design applications to help satisfy the following Section 508 standard:

1194.21(e) When bitmap images are used to identify controls, status indicators, or other programmatic elements, the meaning assigned to those images shall be consistent throughout an application's performance.

Before creating your own images, check the Image Catalog in PeopleSoft Application Designer to see if an existing image is already available. The images are categorized by function and listed alphabetically by image name. Always use images only for the purpose that is specified in the Image Catalog. If you create new images, use them consistently. For example, you should always use the following image for the Search button:

Image: Search button

This example shows the Search button.

Search button

To see a complete list of available images and their purposes, access the Image Catalog by selecting File, Open, Image in PeopleSoft Application Designer.

In addition, if you use images to convey status, make sure that you are using the status indicator images correctly.

See Providing Alternatives to Color Coding to Convey Meaning.