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Required Configuration

PeopleSoft applications require certain standard configuration at the server and the database that are not optional and cannot be changed. This section discusses the following options that you must have enabled:

Server Options

This section discusses the following options:

  • Lock scheme to datarows

  • Lock promotion

  • Language options

  • Page size

  • EBFs

Lock Scheme to Datarows

Row level locking is preferred and required with PeopleSoft applications. The following command enables the necessary configuration for your server:

sp_configure 'lock scheme', 0, 'datarows'

Lock Promotion

The following is the configuration delivered for the installation:

sp_setrowlockpromote server, NULL, 2147483647, 2147483647, 100

The purpose of setting this parameter to this value is to avoid the promotion of row level locking, which could potentially increase considerably the amount of locks required on certain activities such as loading a database through datamover. You can modify the configuration in order to allow the promotion of locks earlier when loading databases, but remember to change the configuration back after the process ends.

Language Options

When installing your server, use the iso_1 character set as the default for your server.

Page Size

Select a 4k or 8k page size during server installation. The 16k page size is not supported.


PeopleSoft certifies Sybase ASE by its interim release. All of the EBF’s above the certified interim release are certified until the next interim release is reached.

Database options

Make sure your database uses ansi nulls by default. This is a database option that is set up at installation. The configuration occurs automatically when using the database configuration wizard and is enabled by the SQL script createdb.sql when installed manually.

The following line shows how to enable this:

sp_dboption dbname, 'allow nulls',true

Another option that needs to be enabled is the following:

sp_dboption dbname, 'ddl in tran',true

During the database load it is recommended to truncate the transaction log. The following command is executed at installation:

sp_dboption dbname, 'trunc',true

Remember to disable the truncation of the transaction log if desired. This option should not be enabled for production databases.