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Server Options

This section discusses:

Delivered Configuration

The PeopleSoft server configuration parameters are initially set to Microsoft SQL Server defaults. It's a good practice to review the parameters and modify them to your site requirements if necessary. Use the file PS_HOME\scripts\spconfig.sql on your database server to keep track of your changes. This file is used by the database configuration wizard when installing a PeopleSoft database.

Note: Don’t use "priority boost" when running additional applications like PeopleSoft Process Scheduler on your database server machine.

Access ID

The user ID used as an ACCESSID is not required to be a member of the SQL Server "sysadmin" server role. This restricts the activities of this user ID, which enhances overall application security.

The PeopleSoft ACCESSID is a member of the following fixed database roles:

  • db_datareader

  • db_datawriter

  • db_ddladmin

Additionally, it is necessary to grant ALTER TRACE permissions to the ACCCESSID to take full advantage of the tracing capabilities available in PeopleTools.

Note: Keep in mind that utilizing these roles for the PeopleSoft ACCESSID login, restricts the ability to run administrative tasks not specific to PeopleSoft applications, such as creating backups and restoring them, defining new server logins, modifying server settings, creating and dropping databases, and so on.

Service Packs and Quick Fix Enhancements (QFE)

PeopleSoft always runs certifications on the latest SQL Server service packs as they become available. Service packs contain large number of improvements and have been tested extensively by Microsoft.

A QFE is a fix intended to solve a specific problem that's usually documented in a Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) article. PeopleSoft doesn't run certification tests for any particular SQL Server QFE, but considers them to be supported when they're recommended by Microsoft to solve specific problems. However, to install a QFE, PeopleSoft recommends appropriate testing before applying it to a production environment. It's important to take into consideration that a QFE is an enhancement targeted to solve a specific problem. “Secondary effects” as a result of its installation can be determined only with proper testing.

PeopleSoft does not distribute SQL Server QFE software; please contact Microsoft to determine if a QFE is required, and for instructions on how to download the software.