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Understanding Administration on DB2 UDB for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

A PeopleSoft DB2 for UNIX database must be configured, monitored, and tuned to achieve optimum performance. In this section, we offer concepts, procedures, and tips to help you plan and implement the PeopleSoft system and demonstration databases.

Recognizing that many DB2 LUW database administrators have DB2 z/OS backgrounds, this documentation includes references and comparisons to DB2 z/OS to help bridge understanding of concepts and procedures.

For UNIX systems, DB2 UDB publications can be accessed online from AIX using the system command db2help. This displays the DB2 UDB information in HTML format.

Note: You need to install the supported browser and the DB2 UDB HTML information for the chosen language (locale) before running the db2help command. By default, the HTML files are copied from the CD-ROM to the hard disk in compressed form. You need to decompress it using the db2insthtml command under the DB2 UDB-installed directory. On AIX, it is similar to /usr/lpp/db2_xx_01/doc/db2insthtml. On Windows, the above steps are not needed because all the HTML files are uncompressed during normal DB2 UDB installation.

For more information, see your DB2 Administration Guide and DB2 System Monitor Guide and Reference.