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Auditing Archive Processes

This section discusses how to audit the details of previous archiving processes:

Audit Archiving

Access the Audit Archiving page (select PeopleTools, then select Data Archive Manager, then select Audit Archiving).

User ID

Select which user to audit.

Archive ID

Select an existing archive ID to audit.

From Date

Select a start date for the audit.

To Date

Select an ending date for the audit.


Click this button to have the system create the audit report and display the appropriate fields on the page.


Click this button to purge audited rows based on the criteria specified.

Archive ID

Select an existing archive ID.

Event Date/Time

Displays the date and time that corresponds to the date when the data was archived for that particular archive number.

Archive Process

Displays the archive process you want to run.

Archive Batch Number

Displays the batch number of the archive process.

Record (Table) Name

Displays the name of the table that you want to archive.

Number of Rows

Displays the number of rows to be archived.

Note: This field displays valid information only if you selected Audit Row Count on the Archive Data to History page.

User ID

Displays the user ID that you want to audit.

Run Control ID

A unique ID to associate each user with his or her own run control table entries.

Process Instance

A unique number that identifies each process request. This value is automatically incremented and assigned to each requested process when the process is submitted to run.

View Details

Click this button to view the SQL detail of previous archiving processes.